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Colorado Created

February 28, 1861: Congress creates Colorado Territory

Much of Colorado (including Pikes Peak) had been part of Kansas territory.   But congress established the present day boundary, and made Kansas a state Jan 29, 1861.  They followed a month later by establishing the territory of Colorado. 

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Great Kansas Day Shows
We completed 8 KS Day shows on Monday, just before the big snow storm.   There are great folks in Kansas.   The Santa Fe Trail Center at Larned Saturday night was a terrific crowd, a full house, and just great folks - also the center is a great museum, well worth a visit.  

Two schools in Junction City were very good to perform at, the kids really "got into" the music and KS history.     We finished up with appearances at the 1st Christian Church in Erie, and the school in Erie the following day.   Once again, great folks and students interested in our great state of Kansas.    I always learn something new about Kansas at each of our performances. 
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1889 : Belle Starr murdered in Oklahoma  on Feb 3
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Feb 2, 1847 : First Donner Party member dies
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