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Oberlin Arts & Humanities Commission

Tony and I had a presentation last night (Feb 22) in Oberlin, KS at "The Gateway" - a very nice theatre (and more) complex.   In fact, Oberlin seems much bigger than a 1900 population town.  Our wives are with us so we're making it more of a trip, rather than just buzzing out and back.   Stayed last night in the Landmark Inn - which is a converted 1886 bank building.   Lots of historical features and antiques here.   A very nice place as well as an experience.   Of course, met some very nice folks last night as well.   Getting ready for breakfast here at the Landmark at the "Teller Room Restaurant"   If you ever need to stay over at Oberlin, I'd recommend the Landmark.  Of historical note, Oberlin is the site of the last Indian raid in Kansas, 1878 - and they have a nice museum with that as the central theme.  The Indians were northern Cheyenne and were seeking to go back home from Oklahoma.   An old movie "Cheyenne Autumn" was based on their journey.  

  Next presentation is in Madison, March 14.  

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Upcoming Presentation

My next presentation will be Feb. 22 in Oberlin, KS for the local Arts Association.  That's another nice western KS town.  It'll be a fun trip.  

On March 14, I will be in Madison, KS to present at one of their "concert and lecture" series.  Looking forward to that one as well.  When I'm "home" I usually do a slightly different program.  

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2014 Appearances

I've enjoyed appearing at some really nice places so far in 2014.  It's been relatively busy so far.  In January I was "way out west" in Johnson City for a presentation to the local Conservation District.  Just a few days later I made a presentation to the KS Fairs Association in Topeka.  On Feb. 1, I was at the "Pumpkin Patch" south of Burns where a national group was touring.  The group were people who did local farm sales (farmer direct to consumer).   I met people from Utah to Wisconsin to Massachusettes.  

Also in February, I was "way out west" again to Tribune for a presentation to the local Conservation District.   Tribune is a really neat little town.  Just recently I presented for the Cowley County Conservation District in Winfield.  


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