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from the Tender Touches of The West CD

I Was Wide Open Spaces    Music & Lyrics  by  Jeff Davidson     © all rights reserved

I wrote this song about 2000.   It's my version of the types of songs such as Night Riders Lament or Annie Laurie

Rainbows in heaven   wild flowers in June
Warm summer breezes  misty Mississippi moon
She was Sunday afternoons  and a walk in the park
Sittin on the front porch  until way after dark

CH      And I was wide open spaces   cool mountain mornings
O        Wild ragin rivers   a hawk on the fly
R         I was snow on the Never Summers high wide and windy
US      With the endless horizon  of a blue Kansas sky

But he was like clockwork  steady as nine to five
Considered the perfect catch  for a young bride
He was bricks and mortar  four walls to hold her
White picket fences   a downtown subway ride. 

Repeat Chorus

     He was the sure-bet while I was the wild-card
     She played her hand with her head and not her heart

But four walls can crumble  white fences will fade
Bricks fall from mortar  as time passes away
When all that he builds  fades to eternity
There'll be rainbows in heaven  and there will always be

Repeat Chorus 

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