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From the Tender Touches of the West CD

A Calico Apron and a Gingham Gown       Music & Lyrics  by Everett & Parker     © all rights reserved    Gaviotti Music

I've met a lot of girls that's true,  who could thrill me through and through
From the rolling hills of Texas to the city of the Souix
But there is one I left  behind, that I'm going home to find
And I know that she,ll be waitin' cause she's always on my mind

In a calico apron and a gingham gown, everynight I can see her
When the sun goes down, is she thinking about me when I'm not around
In a calico apron and a gingham gown    

      If there's an old church bell, within a country mile
      you'll hear it tell the world, we're a walkin down the aisle

     I'm a stakin' a claim there, in the old home town
     For a calico apron and a gingham gown.

Repeat last 3

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