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Wyoming Nights, Wyoming Lights         by  Jeff Davidson     © all rights reserved


There's not a lot to say about this song, just a pretty tune with romantic lyrics.


There was silver on the sage   and gold shone in her hair

The full moon kissed the snow  and magic filled the air.


The hills echoed with moonlight  and stardust filled the skys

A wondrous Wyoming night  sparkled from her eyes


She held a certain mystery   like a long Wyoming mile

I just threw my arms around her  and kissed that warm Wyoming smile



C                     Wyoming nights, Wyoming lights, how was I to know

H                     If I stole a kiss, she'd steal my heart, and never let it go

O                     Wyoming nights, Wyoming lights, I still can see

R                     The reflection in her eyes, and they were full of me.

U                     Wyoming nights, Wyoming lights, that was my moment

S                      When I opened my heart to her, as wide as all Wyomin'.



A Wyoming wonderland    it seems so long ago

When I held her close to me   and felt our hearts beat so

There was silver on the sage  but I just couldn't see

How one Wyoming night   would last a lifetime yet to be


                                    Repeat Chorus


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