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Sweet Betsy From Pike       traditional

A very old song and you'll hear many rendentions

of it - but I like ours.  Tony's guitar and banjo work

makes this song and gives it the Celtic touch which is fitting

for the song. 

Oh, do you remember sweet Betsy from Pike
She crossed the wide prairie with her lover Ike
With 2 yoke of oxen and one spotted hog
A tall shang-hai rooster and an old yeller dog

          Singin too-ra-lye-loo-re- what a story to tell
          Too-ra-lye-loo-re so listen you well.
          Too-ra-lye-loo-re- what a story to tell
          Too-ra-lye-loo-re now listen you well.

The Injuns came down in a wild yelling horde
And Betsy got scared they would scalp her adored
So under the wagon sweet Betsy did crawl
And fought off them injuns with musket and ball


The shang-hai ran off and the cattle all died
The last piece of bacon that morning was fried
Ike got discouraged and Betsy got mad
The dog wagged his tail and looked wondrously sad


Said Ike oh Pike County I’ll go back to you
Said Betsy you’ll go by yourself if you do
There’s no time for pleasure and no time for rest
Come hell or high water, we’re a gonna go west.      


They camped on the prairie for weeks upon weeks
They swam the wide rivers and crossed the tall peaks
And soon they were rollin in nuggets of gold
You may not believe it, but that’s what we’re told.     


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