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Old Chisholm Trail       traditional

A very old song that is so fitting for Kansas history,
but over the years I've struggled with just what to do with it.
Its only chorus is the yippee ti yi yo part which becomes a little
too much after awhile.   Tony and I were discussing it in the studio
one evening and he came up with this version of it, which does add 
something to it.  For a break we also put in one verse of the 
cowboy wake up holler which is in italics in the middle of the song. 
I don't claim to be "the whistler" but several takes of whistling gave
the song the background of a cowpoke on the trail.  This song did
evolve on the trail, and there are many, many versus to it.  Note that
it does tell a story of moving up the trail.   
Oh, come along boys, and listen to my tale
I’ll tell you of my troubles on the ole Chisholm trail
Come a ty yi yippee yippee yea, yippee yea, come a ty yi yippee yippee yea

I woke one morning, on the old Chisholm trail
With a rope in my hand and a cow by the tail

 Come a ty-yi ----------

I started up the trail, October 23rd
Started up the trail with the 2 U herd

 Come a ty-yi ------

It’s beans and bacon most every day
I'd just as soon eat prairie hay

Come a ty

On a ten dollar horse and 40 dollar saddle
I’m gonna punch them long horned cattle
Come a ty

With my foot in the stirrup, and my hand on the horn
I’m the best cowboy that ever was born
Come a ty-yi ----

          Wake up Jacob, day's a breakin'
          Peas in the pot, and the hoecakes bakin"

It’ cloudy in the west and it looks like rain
Left my slicker in the wagon again
Come a ty-yi -----

Well there’ ants in the butter, and flies in the meat
If you waddies are hungry, get up here and eat
Come a ty-yi ----

We rounded em up and put em in the cars
And that was the last of the ole 2 bars
Come a ty-yi----

I’m gonna see the boss, gonna get my money
Going back home to see my honey
Come a ty-yi----

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