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Turkey Red        Jeff Davidson      © all rights reserved

A catchy tune I put together about the introduction of
a variety of wheat called Turkey Red - which contributed
greatly to the success of farming in Kansas.  We use this
song a lot in live performances.   

The Great American Desert is what they said
Before they knew of the Turkey Red
It was the kind of wheat that turned the Kansas plain
To the worlds’ breadbasket of golden grain

From across the Atlantic Mennonites brought seed
Of wheat that could grow where rain was in need
That seed produced yields like never before
In that magical year of 1874.

         The Great American Desert was the name
         But it became golden grain on a fruited plain
         And today beneath the Kansas sky
         Roll amber waves of grain and Turkey Red is why

Pioneers bought land from the local railway
In the heart of the heartland they plowed day to day
And they turned that desert to a land of gold
Of Turkey red wheat that grew so bold

They thrashed out the grain of the Turkey Red
Milled it to flour and baked the bread
That fed a hungry world and built their home
In the greatest bread basket the world has known

Repeat Chorus
   Turkey red, turkey Red – you’ll never count the people that you have fed
   Turkey Red, Turkey Red they didn’t settle for a desert, but found you instead

 Repeat Chorus

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