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Rooted in Stone             8 Jeff Davidson      all rights reserved

I like this song.   I recorded it, and while I wasn't there, Tony and Travis doubled

the timing giving the song a great sound.   I wrote it with the idea of summing up

what I feel about our great state, and the people who live here.  We have a great 

history, with deep roots in solid ground. 

They crossed the wide Missouri stream, rolled into the prairie to find their dream
Pioneers spread out across this land, to build their home, by their own hand.
But trees were scarce, there was no wood, so they turned to what they had, did what they could
They framed and built their frontier home, rooted in stone, rooted in stone. 

For centuries the tall grasses stand,  on stony soils and hilly land
Rooted in stone they feed the cow,  but stand their ground against the plow.
Beneath that grass, our ancestors rest, for they built this state and they stood the test
Their name lives on above their bones, rooted in stone, rooted in stone.

Oh give me a rangeland home, that’s rooted firm in stone
           A land of Gods good earth, the land of my birth.
           To the stars through difficulty, its name stands in history
           A state we call our own, that’s rooted firm in stone

The fence law came with the cattle trails, but trees were few to split for fence rails
So, horse high, bull strong, and pig tight they stood, stone wall fences instead of wood
Stone built churches reach to the sky, and declare our faith to God on high
Like lifes= commandments from the Throne, rooted in stone, rooted in stone. 

           Repeat Chorus

This land called Kansas knows no bounds, its people grow from solid ground
Traces of our stone roots are there, as we fly high through the air.
They say some states are carved or born, while others come from hide n horn

But Kansans built their rangeland home, rooted in stone, rooted in stone.

tag     Rooted in stone, rooted in stone


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