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You can easily purchase C D's.   Just drop me an e-mail  jeff@jeffdavidsonmusic.com or give me a call at
620-583-4437.   The cost is $15 for one, or $25 for two or three for $30 and I'll take care of shipping - and yes
I'll take your check.

Following is a description of the four CD's we currently have on the market  You can look at song lyrics for "Kansas-Where the West Begins,"  "Trails of History" or "Tender Touches of the West" by clicking on the "Song Lyric" navigation button, then click the title of the song you want to view. 


Kansas - Where the West Begins!

This CD celebrates the history of the 34th state which gained statehood on Jan. 29, 1861.  Kansas is the most unique of the 50 states, becoming a state at the most precarious time in U.S. history, just 3 months prior to the beginning of the Civil War.  The first of the Great Amrerican Desert to reach statehood, Kansas truly is "Where the West Begins."  This CD celebrates the early history of the state, from the time of Coronado to the times of covered wagons, frontier forts, Civil War, Pony Express, cattle trails and cattle trains.  Learn through song how Kansas played an enormous role in settlement of the west.  30 tracks with 15 songs - odd numbered tracks are Kansas historical narration introducing each even numbered song. 

2.   Out Where the West Begins                                       18. One Sky Above Us
4.   Conquistador                                                                   20. Old Chisholm Trail
6.   A Wandrin' Star                                                             22. Tom Shermans' Barroom
8.   Covered Wagon                                                               24. Turkey Red
10. She Wears a Yellow Ribbon                                         26. On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
12. Song of the Kansas Emigrant                                      28. Home On The Range//Where in the World But Kansas
14. Ride Young Man Ride                                                    30. Rooted In Stone
16. Sweet Betsy From Pike

Trails of History

Trails Of History outlines the history of settlement of the western United States, highlighting trails, events and life as pioneers strived to "win the west." The songs tell of the life and narration adds the detail of historical events. Saddle up and ride along on the Trails Of History, including the Santa Fe, Oregon and Chisholm. Plow in the new ground, mine California gold, ride for the Pony Express, march in the Civil War and stop a stampeding herd. There’s a lot to do, so let’s get started. You’re gonna enjoy the ride. 


1. Trails of History                                  19. Buildin a Railroad

3. Shenandoah                                        21. Rawhide

5. Wagons West                                      23. Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma

7. Wagon Wheels                                    25. Green Grow the Lilacs

9. Plowin in the New Ground                 27. The Stampede

11. Rosie the Queen of California         29. Silver Target

13. Idaho                                                  31. Home on the Range

15. Ride Young Man Ride                       33. How the West Was Won/

17. Civil War Trilogy                                            God Bless America

 Even numbered tracks are narration of history, introducing each song.


                   Tender Touches of the West
                 Songs of a more romantic nature
1. Be Honest With Me               6.  I Was Wide Open Spaces
2. Angels of the Prairie              7.  There's Nothing Like Coffee in the Morning
3. Ozark Mountain Melody       8.  A Calico Apron & A Gingham Gown
4. Dancing With Daddy              9.  Wyoming Nights, Wyoming Lights
5. Canadian Sunset                10. I Talk To The Trees

Songs, Sonnets & Stories of Old Kansas

The history and folk-life of Kansas is as rich and varied as any
state in the Union.  As you listen to these songs and poems
you'll be transported back in time - to the days of the open
range, to covered wagons and cowboys.  It's a good place to be.
  CD includes narration of  Kansas history to introduce each song.
1. Ride Cowboy Ride                       10. Annie Laurie/A Bad Half Hour
2. Along the Santa Fe Trail              11. When Pay Day Rolls Around
3. A Hundred and Sixty Acres         12. Don't Fence Me In
4. Way Out West in Kansas             13. Colorado Trail
5. Listen To The Mockingbird         14. Old Texas/Cowboys Lament
6. Git Along Little Dogies                15. The Old Days
7. Pert Near Perkins                         16. Tall Men Riding/Riders In The Sky
8. Railroad Corral                             17. The Place Where I Worship
9. Auctioneer                                     18. Quittin Time