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Wagons West

Wagons West         by Stan Jones          © all rights reserved

Stan Jones gained fame for writing ""Riders in the Sky", but Wagons West lyrics reflect pioneer travels on the Oregon or California trails.

However the song is also reflective of the tremendous travel of trade wagons on the Santa Fe Trail.  You can learn more of the Santa Fe at
the Santa Fe Trail Center near Larned, and more of the Oregon Trail at Marysille, or Westmoreland, Kansas  . 

Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin  Rollin Rollin Rollin  Wagons West    Wagons West

Wagons West are rollin,   Out where winds are blowin,   Cross mountains and plains, thru sand and through rain, rolls the mighty wagon train.
150 years have gone since 1849, but the ghostly wagons rollin west are ever brought to mind
Their rollin rock and creakin wheels are heard from shore to shore   And ever in the hearts of men, they live forevermore. 

Wagons West are rollin,  dusty wheels are goin  Cross mountains so high they keep rollin by  and their thunder echoes in the sky.
Stalwart men in buckskins, their women by their side  The sun sets on their faces as they ride on westward ride.
Wagons west are rollin   golden hills are glowin  and the pioneers down thru the years  Have made this land our home.

Rollin, rollin, rollin rollin, rollin rollin rollin rollin   roll on roll on  Wagons west, wagons west

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