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Plowin in the New Ground        by  Sheb Wooley        © all rights reserved

Sheb Wooley (who played Pete Nolan in the TV western Rawhide) wrote some
great songs that depict some old time culture.  I used 4 of his songs on the
Trails of History CD.

We filed our claim and built a cabin and cut the timber down
In the spring we’d plant our corn, in the fertile virgin ground

We’d blast the stumps and clear the brush upon the land so new
With and Injun watchin from behind a tree as we plowed them furrows thru

Hey get along mule we’re plowin the new ground, skies are gettin cloudy and
          It’s lookin like rain. 
          Get along mule we’re plowin in the new ground tryin to make a livin on a government claim.

It’s a mighty hard pullin for a sore neck mule, when you’re plowin out the buffalo tracks
With my rifle cradled in the crook of my arm and the plow lines across my back

We’d plow them furrows straight and deep and plant the seed behind
Yeah there’s gonna be a mess o them Johnny corn cakes, when it comes harvest time.


It’s a mighty long day from sun to sun when I follow that mule of mine
But when I see my woman in the cabin door then I know It’s supper time.


     Just tryin to make a livin on a government claim   


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