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Ride Young Man Ride             by Jeff Davidson       © all rights reserved

      As I prepared the Trail of History CD, I just couldn't find a Pony Express song to suit me, so wrote this one.   It's fairly short but captures the essence of the situation of our nation 
      in 1860.   Kansas became a state right in the middle of the Pony Express era of April 1860 through October of 1861.   Learn more of the Pony Express in Kansas at either the
     Pony Express Museum in Marysville, Hollenberg Pony Express Station State Historic Site (near Hanover), or Seneca.

Ride young man ride, ride young man ride,
Ride young man ride, ride young man ride
Ride young man ride, ride young man ride

A young, hungry nation on the eve of war - 31 eastern states, in the west two more
Two thousand miles separated the land  -  It was a nation divided, it needed a plan
To reach east to west across the wilderness - Then ridin' with the answer came the Pony Express.

           Ride young man ride, deliver the mail -- Ride to the next rider in the trail
           Ride through the desert, the mountains and plains   Ride through the snow and the wind and rain
           Ride 10 mile an hour, a hundred mile a day -  Ride on beans n bacon, oats n hay
           Ride with the mail of mystery -  Ride into the pages of history.

                        I rode for the Pony Express, when I was just a kid
               N      I was an orphan, but saw to the finish, every job I did
               A      My horses were Thourghbred, and ran to the bit
               R      No matter the weather or country, they didn't know quit
               R      At 5 dollar a letter, I knew the mail weren't cheap
               A      You didn't send a message, less it just wouldn't keep
               T      There was this Oregon farmer who wrote his girl back home
               I       He just had to tell her, he was tired of being alone
               O     And a Missouri mother, sent a message to her son
               N     His brother died in war, now he's the only one
                       My horse is lathered, but there's still four mile to go
                       To the last station this side, of Sacramento.

 Repeat chorus

Repeat verse

 Repeat chorus

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