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Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma          by Tim Spencer    © all rights reserved

Tim Spencer was one of the original Sons of the Pioneers, along with Roy Rogers and Bob Nolan.   He

wrote a number of great songs, including this one honoring our neighboring state to the south.   It's a

fitting song considering that much of the Texas to Kansas cattle drives was crossing Oklahoma.

The everlasting hills of Oklahoma, they hold a million treasures to be found

Golden grain, on hills of green, wave to valleys cool and clean

Too bad some folks have never seen  the everlasting hills of Oklahoma.

The Everlasting tales of Oklahoma, are told in clouded statues in the sky

Pioneers, long since gone, their wagon wheels still rumble on

When thunder peals and falls upon, the everlasting hills of Oklahoma

The everlasting fame of Oklahoma will live in names of men she claims her on

Some were right and some were wrong, in historys pages prose and song

All hail them now, for they all belong, to the Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma

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