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The Stampede      by D. Rice & Foy Willing        © all rights reserved

I love this song, and we had fun recording it.  Foy Willing was band leader of Riders of the Purple Sage, a band that appeared in

quite a few Roy Rogers movies, and provided the music for Roy in the shows.   Roy recorded this song, but I made significant

changes to it removing a verse and adding lyrics to the end.   I would hope Foy and Roy would approve.

Lightnin a flashin everywhere, thunder a rollin thru the air
Wind and rain, cattle look insane, this herd might stampede tonight.
Clouds a drivin cross the moonless skies, cattle are rollin frightened eyes
Keep em closed in tight, cowboy pray with all your might this herd don't stampede tonight

 But there's thunder, there's lightnin' there's wind and rain  Stampede.

Three thousand cattle in flight, the devils a ridin herd tonight
The thunder of their hooves and the fury from the skies
Don't get out in front or every man dies. 

           Cold black clouds like funeral shrouds roll down their icy threat
           And we face tonight this raging fight with the odds on the side of death
           For a stampeding herd, when it's panic stirred, is a thing that a cowboy will shun
           For no mortal man ever holds command, when the cattle are on the run  Stampede

The risin of the wind sends out it's wail drivin cattle down an endless trail
Rollin thunder booms sendin cattle to their doom stampede.

Stampede, stampede stampede stampede stampede stampede stampede
Thunder from the ground and sky, lightnin from the devil's eye
Hooves and horn and hair and hide, to save this herd, cowboy ride.
The rattle of the horns and the riders are hoarse, trying to be heard oer' the devils chorus.

Stampede stampede stampede stampede stampede stampede stampede
Stampede stampede stampede stampede stampede stampede stampeeeeede.

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