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From the Tender Touches of the West CD 

Angels Of The Prairie               Music & Lyrics by  Jeff Davidson       © all rights reserved

The copyright is dated 2008, but I actually wrote this song "about" 1999.  I got the idea on my way home from

the Strong City rodeo.  I dropped a covered wagon off a few miles from Matfield Green, and took the road from there

going by Teterville, through Thrall on my way home to Tonovay.   I stopped on top of Texaco hill, just to look at the moonlight

 on the hills at about  midnight.  

Angels have painted the prairie tonight                                                                                            
With silver from the moon, and gold from starlight                                                                                                 
Shadows from the hilltops, in the distance so blue                                                              
But I can see only you.

Angels have touched the prairie tonight
With warm summer breezes, that whisper so quiet
They bring the message, that you love me too
Now I'm only touched by you

                The prairie seems richer at nighttime than at day
                 But the silver from the moon will soon fade away
                 But the diamonds that sparkle in the heavens at night
                 Are there in the dewdrops, of first morning light

Angels bring sweet dreams to the prairie tonight
Under a blanket of stars shining bright
Fulfilling the promise that dreams will come true
And I only dream of you

Tag:   Yes, I only dream of you


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