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from the Tender Touches of The West  C D

Ozark Mountain Melody                 Music & Lyrics  by  Jeff Davidson      © all rights reserved

 I didn't copyright this song for many years, but wrote it about 1982 after the wife and I had come back

from a trip to the Ozarks.

Juice harp floatin on an evenin breeze, wind a whisperin in the Bodark trees
Jug-o-cider settin by his knee,  he's a singin an Ozark mountain melody

Banjo music fills the air, couples on the floor a forming a square
Getting ready to shuffle their feet,to an Ozark mountain melody.

 Guess that's why it seems to me, Ozark life is what life ought to be
                It's been that way through history, with an Ozark mountain melody

Old man a whittlin down by the general store 
Grandma rockin out on her front porch
Young boys fishin in the old mill stream  
they're a whistling an Ozark Mountain melody

Soft and soothing as a lullabye whenever the baby starts to cry
Rockabye her fast asleep with an Ozark mountain melody


Tag line   " just an Ozark Mountain Melody."

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