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From the Tender Touches of The West  C D

Dancing With Daddy             Music & Lyrics         by Jeff Davidson,  © all rights reserved

Song writers need an imagination.   I wrote this song in 1998, when my daughter was 9 years old.                                                                                                                                             

Pretty as a picture,    as she walked in right on time
All eyes were on her,  but hers found mine
As she walked up to me,  had I seen her before
She smiled this ones for us, and we danced out on the floor

But where had she come from  this woman I held
I felt like a stranger   and yet I knew her so well
But my eyes misted over  and I fought back a tear
When she leaned closer  and whispered in my ear

CH       Dancing with daddy, makes me feel tall
O         Dancing with daddy, no I'll never fall
R         Dancing with daddy, there's nothing else I would rather do
US      Than dancing with daddy, and daddy I love you.

The years flew away    I was holding my girl
High in the air   as we danced and twirled
I'd whirl her around   with her feet high off the floor
She'd sing this verse to me  and say let's dance once more

Repeat Chorus

            But puppies, and kittens, and playing with dolls
           Gave way to roller skates, then shopping in malls
           Freckles and petticoats, and hair in pigtails
           Faded to mascara, perfume and high heels

And now as we're dancing   I'm feeling so strange
Somehow it seems different  but yet it's the same
I'm sad, but I'm happy  that's the way it should be
But she'll never know   what this dance means to me

Cause she's dancing with daddy - makes me feel tall
 She's dancing with daddy - so I'll never fall
 Dancing with daddy, no-one else could make me feel this way
 Dancing with daddy, on her wedding day.

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